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Alan Wong, CPCU, 黃偉倫

Managing Partner, 执行合伙人

Born and raised in San Diego, Alan attended Georgetown University in Washington D.C., graduating Magna Cum Laude with a major in finance. Upon graduating, he moved to New York to work at Citibank and Goldman Sachs in investment banking, focusing on M&A for insurance companies, banks, and asset managers (FIG). He next worked as a private equity investor for Calera Capital, based in Boston. He participated in deals to acquire First Republic Bank and Grandpoint Bank.
Alan has an MBA from Harvard Business School and has earned the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation, the most recognized certification in insurance and risk management. Prior to joining Stanley Wong Insurance, he worked as a consultant and Director at Liberty Mutual, focusing on global specialty insurance products and underwriting. With Liberty, he was based out of corporate headquarters in Boston, but also spent time living in London, Seattle and San Diego.

黄伟伦 (Alan)在圣地亚哥出生并长大,毕业于华盛顿特区的乔治城大学 (Georgetown University)主修金融系取得荣誉成绩。毕业后,他任职于纽约的花旗银行及高盛投资银行,专注于为保险公司,银行和资产管理公司(FIG)进行企业并购。其后为波士顿Calera Capital担任私募股权投资者,参与了收购First Republic Bank和Grandpoint Bank的交易。

黄伟伦拥有哈佛商学院的工商管理硕士学位,考获了美国财产和意外险承保师(CPCU)的资格,此为保险和风险管理中最受认可的认证。在加入黄卓森保险公司(Stanley Wong Insurance)前,他曾在利宝互助保险集团 (Liberty Mutual) 于波士顿的总部中担任顾问和董事,专注于全球专业保险产品和承保业务。此外,他亦曾在伦敦,西雅图和圣地亚哥工作。

Hobbies: Travelling, working with the local community, eating & drinking on Convoy, venture and real estate investing.


Stanley Wong, 黃卓森

Founding Partner, 创始合伙人

Stanley is the founding partner of the Stanley Wong Insurance Agency. He started the agency in 1980, building it into one of the leading independent insurance agencies in Southern California. Prior to founding the agency, Stanley worked as a commercial insurance underwriter for INA, amongst the oldest insurance companies in the US (Insurance Company of North America, now Chubb). He also served as a manager at Amdahl Corporation and National Semiconductor. Born in Hong Kong, he immigrated to America in 1967. He attended John F Kennedy High School in Fremont, CA and received his undergraduate degree and MBA from San Jose State University. He is a licensed general contractor, member of the HK Dent Society, and was named to the Travelers Insurance Company Leadership Council in 2018.

Stanley是黄卓森保险公司的创始合伙人,于1980年创立黄卓森保险公司,其后把它发展成南加州领先的独立保险代理之一。在成立该公司之前,黄卓森曾担任INA商业保险承销商,此为美国历史最悠久的保险公司之一(北美保险公司,现在是Chubb)。此外,他还担任Amdahl Corporation and National Semiconductor公司的经理。

黄卓森出生于香港,1967年移居美国。他在加利福尼亚州弗里蒙特的约翰肯尼迪高中就读,并于圣何塞州立大学获得本科和工商管理硕士学位。他是认可的总承包商, 并于2018年被提名为Travelers 保险公司领导学会成员。

Hobbies: Stan enjoys working with long-time clients of the agency who have been with him since the 1980s, meeting new entrepreneurs with good concepts, food and wine, deep sea fishing, and photography.


Winnie Wong, 黃穎娟

Head of Finance, 财务总监

Winnie was born in Guangzhou, China and moved to California in 1966. She earned her undergraduate degree from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and an MBA from University of Wisconsin. She worked for General Motors as an accountant and Syntex Pharmaceutical as a financial analyst. Her proudest role is as a mother, raising two sons who are both Harvard MBAs.

黄颖娟出生于中国广州,1966年移民到加州。她获得了加州大学伯克莱分校哈斯商学院的本科学位和威斯康星大学的工商管理硕士学位。她曾在通用汽车担任会计师,及Syntex Pharmaceutical担任财务分析师。作为妈妈,她最自豪的是两个儿子都拥有哈佛

Hobbies: Winnie enjoys travelling, working out, her Bible study group, and spending time with her friends and family.

Kim (Edmund) H. Chan, ﹕陳劍雄

Commercial Lines Manager, 商业保险经理

Born in Hong Kong, Kim moved to San Diego for college, graduating from San Diego State University with an accounting major. Kim is the first employee of Stanley Wong Insurance Agency and has over 30 years of insurance experience. He focuses on serving long-time clients and managing the commercial lines book.


Hobbies: Kim is an active church member and enjoys fishing, hiking, karaoke, dancing and spending time with his family.


Juliana Fung, 馮惠嫻

Personal Lines Manager, 综合保险经理

Juliana is the head of personal lines (auto, home, renters, umbrella) at Stanley Wong Insurance. She has over 17 years of insurance experience and manages a team of six to serve the insurance needs of our valued clients. Prior to joining Stanley Wong Insurance Agency, Juliana lived and worked in her home city of Hong Kong. She was the tour counter supervisor of Miramar & Furama Kempinski Hotel of Hong Kong, supervising a tour business focused on Singapore and Hong Kong. She was the general manager of HATA/IATA Air and Travel Agency in Hong Kong, in charge of business and corporate accounts.

冯惠娴是黄卓森保险公司个人综合(汽车保险,房屋保险,出租屋保险,雨伞保险)的负责人。她拥有超过17年的保险经验,带领着一支六人的团队,提供优质服务以满足尊贵客户的保险需求。在加入黄卓森保险公司之前,冯惠娴在香港生活和工作。她曾担任香港美丽华酒店及富丽华凯宾斯基酒店的旅游主管,负责新加坡和香港市场的商业旅游业务。她也是香港HATA / IATA航空旅行社的总经理,负责商业和企业账户。

Hobbies: Juliana enjoys listening to music, walking for relaxation and exercise, and playing with her dog


Jeff Law, 羅詠國

Commercial Lines Associate, 商业保险助理

I’m a former small business owner and bring that experience to working with my commercial clients. I enjoy discussing business strategy and serving as a trusted insurance partner to fellow entrepreneurs. In addition to spending time with my wife, my new favorite pastime is playing with my young daughter and my golden retriever.


Hobbies: Jeff enjoys playing tennis, driving around on the mountain road and play guitar.


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